Monday, July 12, 2010

Go Away Unicorn! - Now in Stores

Ta da! Here is my exciting preview of the first children's book I've both written and illustrated. The book is a new release from McKellar & Martin. Most importantly though, the cover will have glitter on it!

*edit* the book is avaiable now in stores, i.e. Chapters, and available online on amazon HERE

Oh, and there's a story in there too, somewhere!, "Go Away Unicorn" is about a little girl who is befriended by a unicorn, unwillingly. This unicorn turns out to be hard to get rid of.

Anyways, these are the character designs, the cover, and one of my favorite illustration sequences from the book.


Kaylea said...

Wow, Emily! It looks fantastic!! I'm definitely gonna go get it once its out :D

Mike Jones said...

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, I love that unicorn... and also that little girls eyebrows

Heather Wittich said...

I bought it! I love it.

Carrie said...

Looking forward to getting our copy :) The cheque is in the mail...seriously, it is. Follow up with your dad.

I'm sure my girls with love this. How can they not? It's about a unicorn!

natalie said...

Read this at Chapters this weekend past and LOVED it! So hilarious and lovely! The unicorns eyes!!! So emotive!

jonathan said...

yaayy emily!