Monday, September 27, 2010

Ugly Animals

I feel bad reposting, I've already put bits and pieces of this up here, but oh well, here's the finished model pack. It's a pet store full of ugly animal rejects, tribal hamsters, and cuddly wuddly puppies and kittens.

I figured I should do something more traditional next, since I haven't in quite a while, so here's a glimpse at what'll possibly be my next project if i can muster up the enthusiasm. But at the very least it's my take on a Disney-ish, possibly gender confused, heroine.


Heather Wittich said...

You should pitch your "Anim-ughs" idea! Seems like a great concept for a kids' show.

Interesting seeing the Disney-ish style too (just a slight detail I noticed ... the proportion of the legs with the really low knees and short calves works well for your usual graphic style, but looks slightly out-of-place on an otherwise realistic-ish character ... just a thought :) )

Keep on updating! Love seeing your stuff

Mike Jones said...

BWAAAAAA!!!! Those animals are AWESOME! I've always wanted to own a reeeeeaaaallly ugly cat. I'd name her/him Murphy

kick ass work Em!

SweetOne said...

What Mike jone said. I find those animals to be awesome. Why do you think they are ugly? If you wanna see some real ugly animals then come over to Ugly Animals